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Welcome to my talk page!
Hey! I am Shakil Hosen. I patrol many projects, and where I don't know the language I only act in cases of serious vandalism. If you think I have done anything wrong, feel free to message me on Meta wiki. If you don't like that you can leave me messages here too, but since I do not watch all of my talk pages, your message might not get a timely response. Thanks!

Issue with AnToni for years[uredi]


I can see you locked Ivo Andric theme on Bosnian Wikiquote. The issue is with one of Admins named AnToni, he continuously keep deleting good content with all references probably because it is against his political beliefs. The political situation in Bosnia is very bad and the Croats keep deleting all content from Wikipedia because they want to hide the truth. Bosnian media wrote about that issue and I can lead you to the references.

Everytime I add new content I do not remove any of other content just because I mean that is not right, like AnToni does so please do something. There are a lot of topics he violates what you can check here https://bs.wikiquote.org/wiki/Posebno:Doprinosi/AnToni and in his Wikipedia profile too.

After you check that you will for sure know that he is doing that on purpose, for some political reasons. He also organized with other Admins and removed one or two quality Admins from Bosnia (GoldenBosnianLilly and something like c3r4 or similar).

I track some Wikiquote topics for years until you locked this one. The issue will keep happening because AnToni break the rules.

Please help or let me know who can I can contact because of that issue. Bošnjačina (razgovor) 18:33, 14 januar 2024 (KSV)Odgovori

Can you stop him? He keeps doing vandalism on Wikiquote. He keeps deleting content from Wikiquote without any sense. Bošnjačina (razgovor) 17:47, 30 januar 2024 (KSV)Odgovori
Hello Bošnjačina, My previous action intention was to stop edit waring. I am not able resolve your local issue, it has to be solved by your community. I suggest all parties stop the edit war and resolve it through discussion. MdsShakil (razgovor) 08:01, 31 januar 2024 (KSV)Odgovori
It can't be resolved by the community because I think he is the only remaining Administrator from Bosnia and probably because of his political views he keeps deleting the content. You can check Klix and similar Bosnian news media where some History professors talks about Croats tries to fake the Bosnian Wikipedia without any sources and just putting their personal views. Anthoni keeps deleting content without any sense and he is hundred times contacted on his page by me and others but he is ignoring that messages because of his bad intentions. I have no problem he finds the quotes of his personal views but it is forbidden to delete some content from Wiki only because you have another views. You need to stop him, I am just helping Wikiquote have more quality content. Bošnjačina (razgovor) 01:10, 2 februar 2024 (KSV)Odgovori
Here you can see the only thing he is doing on Wikiquote is just deleting the content:
https://bs.wikiquote.org/wiki/Posebno:Doprinosi/AnToni Bošnjačina (razgovor) 01:12, 2 februar 2024 (KSV)Odgovori